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General Info
Licensed Holder : Whitman Independent Advisors Sdn. Bhd.
Licensed Since : 23 Nov 2004
Current Status : Valid
No of Licensed Reps : 40
Licence Number Regulated Activity Anniversary Date Status Remarks
CMSL/A0165/2007 • Dealing in Securities
  - Dealing in securities restricted to unit trust
• Dealing in Private Retirement Scheme
• Financial Planning
22 Nov 2021 Valid
C/A0088/IA(FP)/2004 22 Nov 2007 Migrated (28 Sep 2007)
Name Designation Sub Designation
Yap Choy Har Director Executive Director
Yap Ming Hui Director Executive Director
Chai Yah Kang Company Secretary
Ibu Pejabat
Address No. 19-2, Aras 1
Blok E1, Jalan PJU1/42
Dataran Prima
Petaling Jaya
Tel No 03-7880 8359
Fax No -
Effective Date Previous Name
No Record Found
Name Licence No.
Lee Sien Tiong eCMSRL/A3183/2007
Yap Ming Hui CMSRL/A3189/2007
Yap Choy Har CMSRL/A3343/2007
Eric Mui Nam Seng CMSRL/A9307/2008
Kesavan A/L Ragavan CMSRL/A9835/2009
Wong Swee Pin CMSRL/B1164/2010
Hoe Seng Foon CMSRL/B1291/2011
Shahareen binti Abbas CMSRL/B2444/2012
Mariam Vicky Stephen CMSRL/B4406/2014
Yee Yuan Hoang CMSRL/B4588/2014
Ma Seow Neo CMSRL/B4606/2014
Choy Siat Foon eCMSRL/B5380/2015
Lan Kiat Lian eCMSRL/B6076/2015
Heng Aik Yong eCMSRL/B6247/2015
Cheong Mei Hwa eCMSRL/B6248/2015
Lim Fang Loong eCMSRL/B6804/2016
Foong Yim Peng eCMSRL/B7381/2017
Loo Saw Hua eCMSRL/B7480/2017
TAN YI WEN eCMSRL/B7851/2017
Lim Pan Rhen eCMSRL/B9352/2019
Lau Huey Kiau eCMSRL/B9373/2019
Foo Pek Heong eCMSRL/B9444/2019
Usha A/P Muniappan eCMSRL/B9468/2019
Fong Weng Ban eCMSRL/B9521/2019
Eng YeouChiang eCMSRL/B9531/2019
Norita Binti Arifin eCMSRL/B9737/2020
Ng Pit May eCMSRL/B9746/2020
Yap Wai Tat eCMSRL/B9764/2020
Stephen Goh Cheok Hui eCMSRL/B9777/2020
Chua Seok Cheng eCMSRL/B9793/2020
Lai Wei Han eCMSRL/B9882/2020
Boo Mei Lin eCMSRL/B9910/2020
Chong Von Lung eCMSRL/C0169/2020
Teh Jiansheng eCMSRL/C0438/2021
Ho Shok Teng eCMSRL/C0759/2021
Muhammad Nadzir Farhan Bin Mansor eCMSRL/C0908/2021
Tan Kheng Guan eCMSRL/C1034/2021
Chong Kok Chen eCMSRL/C1060/2021
Yong Pui Yee eCMSRL/C1083/2021
Change Type Regulated Activity Restricted Activity Approved Date
Add Dealing in Securities 18 Feb 2009
Add Dealing in Securities Dealing in securities restricted to unit trust 18 Feb 2009
Add Dealing in Private Retirement Scheme 02 Nov 2012

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