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General Info
Licensed Holder : A.D. Financial Sdn. Bhd.
Licensed Since : 12 Sep 2005
Current Status : Valid
No of Licensed Reps : 19
Licence Number Regulated Activity Anniversary Date Status Remarks
CMSL/A0186/2007 11 Sep 2022 Valid
C/A0126/IA(FP)/2005 11 Sep 2008 Migrated (28 Sep 2007)
Name Designation Sub Designation
Poon Yew Wai Director Executive Director
Tai Hui Chung Director Executive Director
Yap Kean Wai Director Executive Director
Wong Shan May Company Secretary
Ibu Pejabat
Address No. 3, Jalan Dato Abdul Aziz,
Section 14
Petaling Jaya
Tel No 03-7956 8833
Fax No 03-7957 3833
Effective Date Previous Name
11 Oct 2003 AD Capital Sdn. Bhd.
17 Nov 2009 A.D. Capital Sdn. Bhd.
Name Licence No.
Yap Kean Wai CMSRL/A3333/2007
Tai Hui Chung CMSRL/A3365/2007
Lim King Hua CMSRL/A9019/2008
Lim Kui Suang CMSRL/A9044/2008
Regina Tan Yeang Ling CMSRL/A9744/2009
Goh Saik Ean CMSRL/A9919/2009
Tee Hui Seh @ Tee Hui Boon eCMSRL/A9920/2009
Lee Sook Yuin CMSRL/B0150/2009
Chin Wai Kuan CMSRL/B0687/2010
Philip Leong Hoong Min CMSRL/B1099/2010
Erwan@Muhammad Ridhuan B. Abd. Wahab CMSRL/B1477/2011
Kok Kuan Chooi CMSRL/B2219/2011
Poon Yew Wai CMSRL/B2725/2012
Tey Pei Ling CMSRL/B3921/2013
Ng Ka Hoe eCMSRL/B5980/2015
Yap Sze Hoon eCMSRL/B6969/2016
Stephen Tan Kah Boon eCMSRL/B7206/2017
Yap Mei Kuan eCMSRL/B7207/2017
Koo Chen Theng eCMSRL/C0133/2020
Change Type Regulated Activity Restricted Activity Approved Date
Add Dealing in Securities 02 Oct 2009
Add Dealing in Securities Dealing in securities restricted to unit trust 02 Oct 2009
Add Dealing in Private Retirement Scheme 27 Sep 2013
Remove Dealing in Securities Dealing in securities restricted to unit trust 27 Sep 2013

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